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Event Production room lighting at Hotel Arts by Hi Tech Productions

Flash Co. Feature Friday – Calgary Production Company Hi Tech Productions

We’d like to introduce you to Dan and his team at Hi Tech Productions, our newest vendor crush on our Flash Co Feature Friday series. Hi Tech Productions lives, breathes and dreams technology. Dan is constantly coming up with ways he can push the barriers of the event industry in Alberta and beyond. They are the first to offer interactive cakes in Alberta and the first to offer an emulator video DJ system in the world. If it’s at the forefront of event technology and design, Hi Tech has figured out how it works and chances are they’ve already used it at their latest event.

Event production uplighting cityscape

A Non-Traditional Approach to Weddings and Events

Hi Tech Productions is a Calgary based trend setting lighting, production and entertainment Company. They offer DJ services, ice sculptures, outdoor movies and event entertainers. However, that’s not their main focus. Hi Tech Productions wants to knock the socks off people attending their events. For Dan and his team, it’s all about the experience. Hi Tech Productions believes that hosting an event is an opportunity to wow your guests and leave and impression. Therefore, they work hard to create an atmosphere that transcends any environment. They can morph any ballroom space into a New York City skyline, a technicolour wonderland or a laser light show dance party guests will rave about.  Their unique approach to venue transformation through use of technology and lighting truly creates and experience guests will be telling their friends about. If you are planning a wedding, corporate event or a party of a lifetime,  Hi Tech Productions won’t disappoint.

Event production lighting from Hi Tech Productions in Calgary

Technological Decor

What is technological decor? Hi Tech Productions basically invented the term. Technological decor is the use of lighting and technology to fully customize any event space.  Many times, ambiance is the most overlooked aspect of an event but it can make a huge impact on guest experience. With Dan’s approach to event production through technological decor, he can transform your space from a red carpet reception event to the weekend’s hottest dance floor with the flip of a switch. Dan’s solutions are customizable and come in one neatly wrapped package. His team offers hundreds of colour choices at only one cost. As a result, this means you don’t have to source physical decor items. It also means you don’t have to worry about returning items to multiple vendors after your event, or sell or discard anything. It’s all customized through lighting, projections and the mind bending way he uses technology to transform any space. That’s pretty rad if you ask us.

Interactive cake display

Interactive Cakes

It’s no secret that in the last 5 years wedding cake design has come a long way. It’s amazing what can be done! From multiple tiers to fully customized themed cakes there’s no doubt a wedding cake can be a show stopper. These cakes are impressive for sure but the more elaborate the design the more expensive the bill. What if you could order a simple white cake from any cake maker and have it match your wedding theme and decor perfectly? That’s the magic of Dan’s interactive cake displays. They’re eye catching, changeable and I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like them before.

an event space is transformed with uplighting

Transformative Uplighting

Lighting is everything when we’re talking atmosphere at an event. Dan’s team can transform a completely white room into an intimate lounge that changes colour and hue instantly. Furthermore, he can take a completely dark space and turn it in to a winter wonderland for guests to enjoy. Imagination is the limit here and it doesn’t require expensive decor pieces to pull it off. With projection mapping, interactive displays and a smart design anything is possible. If you are looking to create an experience for your guests, Hi Tech Productions is your only call. They’ve got you covered.

Hi tech productions logo


About Hi Tech Productions:

Hi Tech Productions was started in the spring of 1992 in Sydney Nova Scotia. A few eager teenagers were looking to get into the DJ industry.  The company was started with homemade equipment and a love of music. Fast forward to the late 90’s. Owner Daniel McNeil was DJing part time and working as an engineer by day. Feeling unfulfilled by their day job, he and his wife left heir full time gigs. With a dream to pursue a passion in music, artistic performance and technology Hi Tech Productions was born. Dan and his team deploy some of the most unique production concepts to over 800 events per year. Hi Tech productions continually strives to bring the newest and most exciting technology to the event sphere. Hi Tech Productions firmly believes that through technology, any space can be transformed into an experience that guests remember for a lifetime.

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