The Print Booth

The Print Booth DSLR quality images, studio lighting, and onsite printing

Instant Prints

With the print booth your guests get to take home professional prints immediatly after they take them.  You choose how many images per print you'd like before your event and we'll work with you to custom design a print template to match your events theme or feel.  The print booth gives your guests the ultimate take away.

Professional Lighting & Camera

The print booth uses a professional lighting, and a high quality DSLR camera which means the image quality from the print booth is unmatched.  Regardless of the light in the room, or how many people are in the image, the print booth creates beautifully lit images everytime.

Open Air Booth

The Print booth is an open air style booth designed to accomdate lots of people with ease.  2 people? 10 people?  No problem.  The print booth can accomdate a range of people and produce consistent result everytime.

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