How to Use Your Wedding Photo Booth Pictures – 5 ideas

framed wedding photo booth picture

Wedding reception photo booths are always a hit. Photo booths kick off your reception and get everyone in the mood to party. The bonus? You have photographic proof that everyone had an amazing time. What happens after the wedding is over? There’s more to renting a photo booth than just fun at the reception. In this post we talk about how to use your wedding photo booth pictures after the wedding. Click through for some amazing DIY ideas.

Create A Guestbook the Night of Your Wedding

This is a great option if your photo booth is open for cocktail hour. Have your guests pose for a portrait and leave a copy & a message in your guestbook. When you add this option onto your Flash Co. photo booth rental, we provide an album perfectly sized to fit a photo and a message. Plus, our attendant makes sure guests know about it and we provide smudge proof pens so your guestbook looks amazing. Take it home and flip through the messages the next morning as newlyweds!

We offer the perfect package for building a guestbook at your wedding. Check out Flash Co.’s Ultimate Wedding Package for all the details!

photo booth guestbook
photo booth guestbook with guest messages

… and don’t forget to hop in the photo booth yourselves! This is a great opportunity for you and your partner to get a little silly and grab a cute picture with your besties.

bride and bridesmaids photo booth pictgure

Create a Wedding Reception Album

The photos you receive from Flash Co. are always high quality. The photo booth is lit with professional lighting and the images themselves look amazing. You’ve invested in the service, you might as well use the final product for something tangible! Use the digital files from your online gallery to create your own wedding reception album OR order a set of re-prints for just $99 and use the original photos to create your own DIY reception album. This is the perfect post-wedding project to remind you how much fun you had at the reception.

wedding reception photo booth album

Having the photo booth at your reception is a great way to grab a nice portrait of the guests who aren’t in your immediate family or wedding party. Your professional photographer will have photos of those people. Sadly however, the rest of your guests can be overlooked in your photographs. A photo booth is there for the duration of your reception to capture the fun but also more photos of everyone else who was there to celebrate your big day.

guests portraits in your wedding photo booth
portraits of guests in your wedding photo booth
make a reception album from your photo booth pictures

Frame Your Photos

The best thing about your photo booth pictures is that they are ready for framing the next day. When you have the photo booth operational during your cocktail hour, guests can get the perfect portrait as they enter your reception. They’ll be looking fresh and all done up, so why not? Encourage your guests to keep their photos and frame them! It’s the perfect gift and momento from your wedding day. Hop in the booth as newly-weds before your grand entrance and you’ll have a frame worthy picture to display proudly on your walls the next day.

framed photo booth picture

If you plan in properly, you can even get the whole family in the photo booth and create your very own DIY photo gallery wall featuring those you love xoxo

family portraits from a photo booth

Thank You Cards from Your Wedding Photo Booth Pictures

We think the ultimate use for how to use your wedding photo booth pictures is to create a cute and creative thank you card to send out to guests. You’ll have access to the digital files following your wedding so it will be available to you the very next day. Hop in the booth for a cute picture, pick your favourite and use that one to mail out to guests after the wedding. Easy, peasy, lemon squeasy!

There are literally endless ideas for how to use your wedding photo booth pictures after the big day. Think a little outside the box and you’ll have more uses for the pictures than you know what to do with – we promise!

For more wedding photo booth inspiration, check out this super cute wedding photo booth at Silvertip Resort.

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